Petrified Forest contains a variety of wildlife, including birds, amphibians, insects, and reptiles. Many animals are only seen during certain times of the day. Most animals are seen during the evening when temperatures are at their coolest. Seasons also affect when animals are usually active and when they are not active. Snakes and lizards are active in the day during spring and fall but become more active at dawn during the summer to avoid high temperatures.

Although the landscape may seem barren, there are quite a few animals spotted in the park, ranging from amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Among the park's amphibians are the Tiger Salamander, the Geat Plains Toad, and the Red-spotted Toad. Some birds include ravens, the Eared Grebe, the American White Pelican, the Great Blue Heron,the Blue-winged Teal, and the Turkey Vulture. The park's wide variety of mammals include the Cotton-tailed Rabbit, the American Pronghorn, Gunnison's Prarie Dog, the Raccoon, the Badger, the Mule Deer, and the Coyote. Reptiles include the Collared Lizard, the Striped Whiptail, the Common Kingsnake, the Prarie (Hopie) Rattlesnake, and the Ornate Box Turtle.

Among the animals spotted in the park are:

Collared Lizard

American Pronghorn

Gunnison's Prairie Dog

Cotton-tailed Rabbit

Common Raven

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