An Introduction to Yosemite

From its vast valley to its numerous waterfalls and magnificent trees, Yosemite is known the world over for its beauty. There's a little bit of everything here that the High Sierra park would hope to offer. Yosemite has famous landmarks, abundant wildlife, great recreation for campers, and more. It's a great place to be all year round, where each season is apparent and has it's own fun and majestic feel. This national park is great for all ages and family groups.

Further, there's plenty of places to stay both within the park, and just outside. Each campsite or inn has it's own unique feel and pluses. For a more close-to-nature experiance, Curry Village is a good choice for getting out there while having some home comforts around. For a hotel with entertainment, comfort, and a continuing rustic tone, the Ahwahnee Hotel is the place to stay. There's a myriad of other options too, as Yosemite is no stranger to the wishes of different visitors.

*Please note that campers are not to set up camp outside of designated areas; furthermore, some campgrounds require reservations, so check with park guidelines before arrival.*

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