Yosemite's Greatest Waterfall

Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall in North America.It measures 2,425 feet (or 739 meters) beginning from the top of the upper falls to the bottom of the lower falls.It is marked on many lists as the sixth tallest waterfall in the world,but due to the recent discovery of Gocta Cataracts, it is now seventh. Yosemite Falls is a tiered waterfall, divided into the upper falls, middle cascades, and lower falls. The middle cascades, which is a collective of small plunges, is not viewable from many vantage points. However, there are places where it's visible on the popular Yosemite Falls trail.

There are multiple lodges in the vicinity of the falls, as well as a picnic area. These places, as well as some other pullouts, have trails that lead to the falls. There are also shuttle buses running through Yosemite Valley leading to the Yosemite Falls trail. These shuttle buses mainly transport people from popular camping locations such as Curry Village. Overall, Yosemite Falls is quite accessible and a wonderful view.

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