There's plenty to do in Yosemite that allows you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Park. There are activities for people and groups of all ages and skill levels, and visitors can experience the sights at their own comfort level. Yosemite is known for it's many fishing spots, as well as famously scenic hiking trails. In fact, there are several camping trips available to sign up for, for you and your group to be guided around the beautiful areas of the park. You can find places to raft, such as the relaxing Merced River.

For those who visit with a tendency to stay up later, there are actually several different activities for after the sun sets! Evening programs in Yosemite provide a whole new way to view the area. These include night hikes, full moon snowshoe walks, guided bike rides, fireside storytelling, and star gazing. If you're looking for activities that are more child oriented, there are cabins and camping sites that holds games for the younger audiences. Curry Village for example has many games for kids throughout the week in its amphitheater. These include scavenger hunts, dance lessons, and sing-alongs.
With all the park offers, no matter your age level or interests, Yosemite is sure to have something to please you.

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